The Data4Life Initiative

Citizens share their data in a collective effort to prevent the spread of the virus and save lives.

Data4Life is an open source initiative that promotes the consented use of citizen data for the greater good. Born out of the Covid-19 crisis, a group of people were motivated to help mobilise local and national communities respond to emergency scenarios.

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About Us

The Data4Life solution shares the journey of citizens during the lifetime of a pandemic as a contributor to the collective effort to prevent further infection and saving lives.

The solution makes it easy for individuals to allow the use of personal data for the public good (‘data altruism’) in compliance with data protection and privacy regulations. Its superior user interface integrates with societal systems for retention, that address the fundamentals of data availability and concerns around digital surveillance.

The solution also supports individuals’ risk assessment and decision-making and thereby saves lives and helps society to a speedy economic and social recovery by “unlocking the paralysis”. It helps people make decisions that will benefit society. Longer term, the Data4Life solution can also help prevent future outbreaks and enable preventive care.

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Contribute Data

Making informed health- related decisions starts with data. After downloading the Data4Life app, you can contribute your data and assess the risk of unknowingly transmitting the virus. The information provided helps you to take the appropriate action. By sharing your data, you are contributing to the public good.

Protect Society

By incorporating your personal data into the ongoing, up to the minute research on the spread of the virus, the Data4Life solution supports predictive health recommendations and helps prevent the spread of the virus as well as potential future outbreaks. Knowing the immunity level of the country and local community will help the economy get back on its feet.

Help Authorities

Authorities, local or national, can make informed decisions based on the data collected through Data4Life, optimizing the public resources (e.g. identifying hotspots for sanitation, fine tuning recommendations and resource planning). By being transparent, authorities can create trust in the society and reduce panic in emergency situations.